Making the Most of Your Time after the COVID-19 Outbreak

How small businesses and self-employed can use their time on the break

March 20, 2020

Now that the number of paying customers has shrivled and your projects have been postponed, cancelled or put on hold till further notice, what do you do now? If you do not have any saving in reserve to keep you afloat during the quiet periods, you might want to read our article on how businesses can survive the crisis times in Finland.

Recessions are not uncommon, but we’ve lived in a bull market that the COVID-19 outbreak might feel like the end of your business. This recession will not last forever and the markets will rebound. The more hopeful we all remain the quicker the rebound will happen. If you have taken all the necessary steps to keep your business afloat you should decide how to make use of this recession time, when business is slow. Here’s some ideas we’re floating around over at The Arch Media!

  1. Open new spheres for your business (online services, cheaper services)
  2. Work on your online presence, your visuals, website and general marketing strategies
  3. Collaborate with other businesses to innovate on your business model
  4. Take the time to learn new skills

Government’s across the world have asked nonessential workers to stay home for the time being, and we must respect their request. While you sit at home, resist the urge to binge on Netflix and HBO. Its’ great time to network online and start innovating. This is an opportunity to start a metamorphosis rather than hibernation.


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